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Here’s Our Top Five Most Effective Tips For

Helping You to Prevent Your Door Draught

Door Draught

TIP 1 - Fasten a brush strip draught excluder to the bottom of your door, these can be attached to a timber door with brass screws. If your door is metal, then drill pilot holes and use steel screws. They can look bland and utility, but are quite serviceable and effective.

TIP 2 - Fit an under door foam draught excluder. These consist of two foam sausages that act as a wind blocker. They fit under your door and are suitable for use on smooth floor surfaces. They can be easily pushed under the door, cut to size for gaps up to about 22mm. These look better aesthetically, but have no decorative apeal.

TIP 3 - Use a Self adhesive draught excluder with Classic White P Profile for gaps from 2mm to 5mm around your door. These are self adhesive long lasting rubber with a good durability from 4-8 years. They are weather, UV, ozone resistant. When the door is shut they’re invisible.

TIP 4 - If you need easy mobility access then a threshhold door sill suitable for inward and outward opening doors could be just what you need (where the beneath door gap is smaller than 29mm). Designed to fit onto a sub-sill or directly onto a threshold. Having excellent fitting tolerances with curved upstands front and rear to facilitate access for wheelchairs and prams. Nitrile draught seal fitted to rear, polypropylene brush strip fitted to front. High quality and usually used for external doors.

TIP 5 - For decorative traditional elegance, fabric draught excluders, made from genuine Belgian Tapestry, could be perfect for you. These are simply placed on the inside of the door, to prevent the cold air blowing under the door. No fixing in place is necessary and they can be moved to any door quickly and easily . They can be found in a variety of designs including animal and novelty, farmyard, dog, cat, floral, wildlife, golfing and horses, to name a few popular categories. They are suitable for internal and external doors. It’s best to carefully measure your door at the bottom first to determine the length you need. Most come in standard sizes of about 90cm. Prices vary greatly and some are low quality copies of the superior Belgian Tapestry designs.    
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