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Winter’s arriving with a vengeance it’s time to focus on keeping all those draughts out that will allow heat to escape, costing you both warmth and your cash during the cold winter months.

Even if you have an efficient modern boiler, with thermostatic radiators, loft and wall insulation, poorly fitting doors or gaps in the windows will be wasting heat which will be bad for your bank balance and for the environment.

Draught excluders go a long way in preventing heat loss, from novelty sausage dogs under your door to more utility style sealing of the gaps. Discreet and functional or decorative and designer, ensuring no heat escapes from the room.

Likewise, windows are easily insulated from draughts, just like door frames. Easy to apply adhesive profiled draught excluders for windows and doors can be fitted to ensure that heat doesn't escape because of poorly fitted doors and windows.

Letter boxes are one other example and where heat can leak out of your rooms. Letterbox draught excluders or plates will prevent this from happening and should definitely be fitted if the letterbox is old, loose and worn or badly fitted.

Chimneys can actually suck the heat from rooms and expel air and precious heat into the atmosphere. Flues plates fitted to close the chimney are not necessarily always well-fitting, but a chimney balloon is easy to fit, inflated up a flue, preventing all heat from escaping.

Classic and stylish log burning stoves are another useful alternative to open flues, locking the heat into a cast iron box behind closed, sealed doors. Only small amounts of valuable warmth can escape up the narrow, plate protected pipe leading up the flue, allowing your room to stay cosy and warm.

Avoid wasting energy and the damaging your environment by preventing draughts is also a sensible way of saving money during the cold winter months.

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